roman weil



Nowadays the interior air quality is 15 times more polluted than the exterior. The actual regulated ventilation system (air diffusers, air purifiers,

air humidifiers) is composed of isolated and uncommunicative objects . They work with a programmed timer by the user. This system is unproductive by its working irregularity and its heterogeneity of distribution in the living space.

To solve this problems has been thought Aer. Aer is a system of 6 IOT objects :

- 2 air diffuser to treat in-coming and out-coming air - 1 smoke detector with light and heat technology.

- 1 communicative sensor

- 1 air purifier

- 1 air humidifier



All objects owns air quality sensors and are connected to communicate the activation of the air purifier or the air humidifier. These two objects are mobile, their optimal position is suggested by the mobile application.

Aer is an open system , it uses ambient intelligence as presence detectors or automatic opening windows to maximize its effectiveness.


Project directors : Jean-François Dingjian & Laurent Greslin