The Bull, a playful bench.


Although it is silent and raw as an object ,so it calls its observer to participate in the act of playing. The form is reduced to primary elements to bring the focus on the dynamic experience of the game.


The slim profile of the seating surface makes it appear as if it is flying in the air while the stoppers give assurance that it won't fly away, while the massive wheel communicates between the player and the ground, providing support and guidance. The Bull’s ultimate objective is to disseminate joy, both for participants and observers.


We designed around the concept of playfulness and conversation, which converts a very static notion of individualized seating to a very entertaining experience of reciprocal motion; we created a bench that was also visually comedic.


Project realized with Behnia Rahmati, Montserrat Pazos, Dario Vidal & Fatima Safie

Project Director : Matt Sindall



roman weil