«A cartel, in art, is a plate with the title of the piece, the artist's name and other complementary informations (date, technic, size, conservation location, owner, etc). It is an archaic way to communicate informations ».


Cartel is a small  lacquered steel side table.

It basic layout gives it a sober dimension to carry the products of everyday life. The steel is chosen for its rawness,  robustness. Two sheets of 3 MM steal are laser cut and bent to be finally fastened with 15 MM bolts.


Cartel is made to support nowadays objects like tablets, phones by his structure which allows to keep the charge cable at the same place and permit them standing.

Electronics and connected applications will increase year by year. Most control will operate through tablets and mobile phones. The goal is to concentrate their control in an identified and adapted furniture.

Cartel serve the  disposition of control objects.




roman weil