Neom is a sensible system which allows you to couple your most outstanding experiences in your favorite domestical objects.


Nowadays we produce a lot of photographic data in order to keep a trace of our past experiences. Because of this mass production, it’s hard to sort or delete some of them.

We identify this problem by interviewing lots of people on their behaviour about what they do with their datas. Most of them saves them, or sort them only when it deals with their professionals datas. On the other side, ⅔ of them have a personnal diary.


We wanted to rethink the way collecting, sorting and stocking them could be.


We wanted to create a new form of object that will reflect the value of the data we are putting inside. We change our minds when we finds out that the objects we have represents already a kind of memory. We didn’t want to damage them by adding tehcnology on them, so we work on a interface that can recognize the object we are putting on. We work both on a prototype and a service to collect datas we are producing on social networks.




Neom offers to the user the ability to sort, select and associate memories in affectionnal objects. It allows us to rethink the value of our objects by giving them a new dimension. For example we can offer an object which will be able to unveil memories. More than just an object, objects can be now improved with emotionnal contents.


It’s like a tool : the user doesn’t need to change is way of collecting experiences, it’s neom which will be able to understand and highlights the valuable memories.

By using differents sensors (weight and vibrations), we created a platform able to identify the objects and to write contents on them. You just have to say one time which object it is, the next time Neom will remember it.


Project realized with Tom Formont

Project Director : Simon d'Hénin

Award : IOT award - Biggest Social Impact - Runner up category


roman weil