Make a neon tube fly. Creation of a machine divided in severals technical entities.


Entity I Lighting

Tesla Coil, wich will be the heart of the project.


Entity II Mouvement

Creation of a rotation around the body’s coil thanks to gears trained by reducing motors.

Conception of a shuttle moving on the Z axis with an aluminium profile supporting a neodyme magnet (a).

Magnet (b) on the neon allows to program the implementing motion.




Entity III Structure

Engineering of the technical supports elements :

Global and motor’s structure

Shuttle structure

Coil structure

Neon Structure …


Entity IV Installation

The goal of this project is to give an experience for the visitor.

All the technical parts has to be hidden to increase the magical effect of a moving light.


Project Directors : Bruno Tainturier & Romain Cuvellier


roman weil