Swift is a smart parking system adapted to conurbations lifestyle. Through car analyses it offers a simplified experience for the drivers looking for a parking space.


Nowadays cities are congested by the car traffic. The average time to get a parking space is around ten minutes in Paris.It costs 330 euros for each driver in big cities. This wasted time increase the car traffic and pollution. 20% to 30% of the traffic is generated by drivers looking for a space to park and emits 8280 tonnes of C02 into the air each year in Paris.

Simultaneously the pay station is a painful object. Only 14% of the drivers pay for their station space in Paris. The users mainly refuse to use them causing contraventions and a complex maintenance of the street by the cities.


Swift is composed of two synchronized elements :

- indicators - relays split in the city

- a mobile app

Swift operates thanks to an Xpole network installed all over the city. Those indicators allows to create a Wifi network to detects moving cars by the user’s smartphone. Users can see areas where station spaces are free through the application or the indicators. On the indicators the informations are shown on a screen pointing the direction to follow to successfully find a parking space. Indicators installation is needed to give back eyes to the road, not on the phones.

It shows the real-time pricing by a lighting surface. This system offers to the city the opportunity to adapt the pricing by the demand and the need during pollution peak. It also allows the users to pay only for the time they parked.

This system is uploaded in real time and offer a global and precise visualisation of where to go to find a parking space.




Innovation takes place on three scales :

On the user scale the system permits to quickly find a parking space and to reduce the linked nervousness. It also reduces the fuel and parking budget.

On the urban scale it permits a better parking management with a mobile application to pay and analyse cars moves. The flow is oriented and fluidised.

On the environmental scale it reduces the greenhouse gas emission due to the parking space research.


Project realized with Tom Formont



roman weil